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Siemens MyAy Mobile Watchdog Mp3 Download

download - Siemens MyAy Mobile Watchdog


Siemens recently announced for a development of a recent concept device. As opposed to mobile phones, the MyAy device is most helpful when not carried with you. This recent invention by Siemens engineers works like a mobile electronic watchdog that can hear, see and even feel temperatures thanks to its sensors. The variety of implementations of MyAy depends on persons' needs. Here will see one of the most likely purposes it could be used for.

For example: the MyAy device could be used as a mobile alarm system. Left in your car, it would immediately detect any unwanted motion through its infrared-sensors. It would then instantly sdiscontinue a SMS message to your mobile phone that you ought to check on your car. The same mechanisms might come in handy at a campground or in any other unsafe place.

There are many more helpful usage scenarios for this tiny watchdog: with the built-in audio sensor, the MyAy pocket-size device could easily be used a baby-phone so that these rare moments when parents leave their young ones unattended become a bit more relaxed.

There are countless fields of usage for MyAy. They all add up to one revolutionary function: they assist you to be at places where you are actually not. MyAy is being tested with various mobile network providers from spring 2004.

As opposed to Siemens device, Nokia has previously announced its Nokia Remote Camera, a wireless home monitoring solution with an integrated motion detector. Combining a digital camera, Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) transceiver and MMS technology in the same unit plus the ability to capture megapixel-quality images and video clips with sound, the Nokia Remote Camera can be used in a number places that need to be observed: including home, summer cottage, warehouse, or even a boat and brings a recent twist to remote monitoring. Read more about Nokia Remote Camera.

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