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5 Megapixels From Samsung, Korea Only Mp3 Download

download - 5 Megapixels From Samsung, Korea Only


Samsung introduced the 5 megapixel capturing camera phone SCH-S250. Maybe the most vital thing about this phone except all the megapixels is that it will be available in Korea only. We can only hope that there will be a version for the worldwide market. We don't expect this to happen very soon, becautilize the Samsung SPH-2300, announced in July, still has no European version.

The recent high resolution model SCH-S250 is expected to hit the market (Korea only) next week and the expected price is around $875 (USD). The phone will be equipped with the world's highest class LCD, featuring True Color (16.7 million colors) and QVGA(320x240 pixels) resolution. The recent capturing camera will require a lot of storage for these gigantic 5 megapixel images - there will be 92 Mega Bytes (MB) of internal memory and RS-MMC memory card slot. Other advanced functions of the device include MP3 player, QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) video recording and TV out.

"With this phone, we finally outpaced our rivals in Japan over vigorous competition in pixel counts", assumed Samsung executive vice president Cho Byung-duck, who is in charge of the firm's cell phone research. Samsung introduced its first mega-pixel phone in October last year, about five months later than its Japanese competitors, Sharp and Mitsubishi Electric. Samsung started to develop the high-resolution phone early last year by forging a partnership with Pentax, which helped produce 5 megapixel capturing camera modules.

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