DOWNLOAD MP3: LG Renoir Back In Black As KC910i, Gets An Overhaul

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LG Renoir Back In Black As KC910i, Gets An Overhaul Mp3 Download

download - LG Renoir Back In Black As KC910i, Gets An Overhaul


Just in time for Pierre-Auguste Renoir's anniversary (born on February 25, 1841) LG unveil an update of their own Renoir, which also goes by the less inspired name of LG KC910. It won't be much of a spoiler to say that a Renoir is only supposed to grow in value over time.

It's vital to note though that the black LG Renoir is not a recent model, but just a facelift of the original KC910 and both versions will be available concurrently (possibly in different markets).

The newcomer is still officially called LG KC910 Renoir at many sources but at the LG booth at MWC 2009 it was labeled as LG KC910i, so we'll stick to that to avoid confusion.

The most obvious differences are that the LG KC910i Renoir is now all black and has lost the mechanical capturing camera lens cover. In hand, one can't assist but notice that it is also slightly thicker - perhaps the same reason why the capturing camera lens doesn't stick out that much now.

The mechanical cover is not the only change in the imaging department. The capturing camera interface has been revamped. It's all recent and improved and fixes a small nuisance of the recent version - it no longer crops part of the image in the viewfinder so what you frame is what you get.

LG KC910i Renoir

Here's a quick refresh on the specs of the Renoir. It's a full-touchclassy screen cameraphone with an 8 megapixel autofocus shooter and xenon flash. The capturing camera captures Video Graphics Array (VGA) video at 30 fps and can go up to 120 fps in QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution. Videos are DivX encoded and there's support for playback of DivX /XviD video. The microSD card slot accepts 16gB cards easily plus there's TV-out functionality and a basic document viewer. HSDPA, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and GPS are also included, which means the phone is quite keen to respond most user needs.

The LG KC910i Renoir will be available pretty much throughout the whole world except for the USA and unlike the original Renoir, the LG KC910i will have only a tri-band Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) version.

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