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New Megapixel Nokia 6670 And More Mp3 Download

download - New Megapixel Nokia 6670 And More


Nokia introduced today its second megapixel capturing camera phone - 6670. After all the buzz and flash countdown timers we really expected something more from the recent smartphone. Nokia 6670 looks very much like Nokia 7610 and the specs are not that different. In fact all the changes are software except the different keypad design. The improvements over 7610 are: Portable Document Format (PDF) support in the web browser, F-Secure antivirus software and VPN client which provides secure network connections. It also seems that the picture quality of the capturing camera has been improved. Nokia provides some impressive (for a phone) samples here.

Perhaps more fascinating than the recent smartphone is the recent Nokia Remote Camera (PT-6), also announced today. It is a very powerful device aimed at home security - wireless monitoring solution with integrated motion detector. The capturing camera can capture megapixel images and video with sound and sdiscontinue them via MMS, email or Bluetooth at predefined intervals or when queried with SMS. The recent device can also monitor and haged track of the temperature. To operate, the recent device will require a SIM card.

Press release

Nokia expands its range of imaging smartphones

September 23, 2004 - Nokia today introduced its latest addition to the company's broadening range of megapixel imaging smartphones. Boasting a wide range of productivity features and a megapixel (1152 X 864 pixels) camera, the Nokia 6670 smartphone is ideal for the modern mobile professional who is seeking a reliable tool for better managing the balance between busy work and social life. Expected to be available in early October 2004, the Nokia 6670 phone will come in two variants; Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) 900/1800/1900 for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian markets, and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) 850/1800/1900 for the Americas markets.

In a compact, classic and elegant design, the recent tri-band Nokia 6670 provides for effective and reliable communication, while also offering excellent imaging features. Based on Series 60, the industry-leading platform for smartphones, the Nokia 6670 offers document viewers for reading e-mail attachments, powerful personal information management (PIM) features, web browser with support for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and faster data input with the Nokia Wireless Keyboard. Users can also print their emails or images directly from the handset via Bluetooth wireless technology./p>

In addition to the high-resolution color display of 65,536 colors, and the 4x digital zoom for both pictures and video recording, the Nokia 6670 smartphone allows for quick and convenient capturing, printing, storing and sending of megapixel-quality images as well as video. The recent photo editor application also enables enhancing the images instantly on the phone classy screen with crop, frame, autofix, and text-adding functionalities.

Weighing 118 grams and measuring 109 x 53 x 21 mm, the Nokia 6670 imaging smartphone is based on Symbian OS, and is expected to retail for approximately 500 euros.

Nokia Remote Camera provides a megapixel peek into your surroundings

September 23, Helsinki - Nokia today announced a wireless home monitoring solution with an integrated motion detector, the Nokia Remote Camera. With the ability to capture megapixel-quality images and video clips with sound, even in low-light and outdoor conditions, the Nokia Remote Camera brings a recent twist to remote monitoring. The device is expected to become available in the fourth quarter of 2004 in Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, with the expected retail price of 450 EUR.

Combining a digital camera, Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) transceiver and MMS technology in the same unit, the Nokia Remote Camera can be used in a number places that need to be observed: including home, summer cottage, warehouse, or even a boat.

Consumers looking to add extra peace of mind to their lives will also find the Nokia Remote Camera both easy to install and convenient to use. The capturing camera does not require a physical connection to a landline or to the Internet; all it needs is a regular main power supply and access to a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) network. After inserting a SIM card, entering the PIN code and defining at least one user, the Nokia Remote Camera is ready for use.

The Nokia Remote Camera sends images or video clips with sound to an MMS-enabled handset or e-mail address when motion is detected, at pre-defined intervals, or when an SMS query is sent directly to the device. Users can also receive notifications when a minimum or maximum temperature has been reached, and can even view the temperature hitale for the past 24 hours as a graph.

Users can control the capturing camera via text messages or by using Bluetooth wireless technology, and the extended user access allows more than one person to control the device. The Remote Camera Manager application provides an enhanced user experience via graphical user interface for those owning a Series 60 smartphone, such as the Nokia 6670, Nokia 7610 or the Nokia 6600. The Nokia Remote Camera comes with a stand for placing it on a table, as well as a wall or ceiling mount, and a clip-on shield for outdoor use.

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