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Nokia Fashion - 7260, 7270 And 7280 Mp3 Download

download - Nokia Fashion - 7260, 7270 And 7280


Today Nokia introduced a recent fashion collection of three tri-band capturing camera phones - Nokia 7260, 7270 and 7280. The collection blends recent world art deco styling with an edgy, modern day twist.


Nokia 7260 is the small brother of the well-known 7610. Compared to Nokia 7610, the recent fashion phone

is 26 g lighter, uses a smaller display and lacks Bluetooth. The integrated digital

camera is Video Graphics Array (VGA) only and sorry, no Symbian OS. Nokia 7260 however has one thing that 7610

lacks - Frequency Modulation (FM) radio.

Nokia 7270 is the next clamshell phone with textile wraps, a tri-band successor of Nokia 7200.

The phone is made of different materials such as metal, textile and plastic and clearly targets the ladies.

According to Nokia it draws its design inspiration from the Garbo-esque glamour of the 1920s.

The features include video capture and streaming video playback, MP3 ringtones, Java, Push to talk.

As for the Nokia 7280 - there is no device to compare it to; 7280 is a uniquely designed phone. It has no

numeric keypad - the user has to rely for the input on the recent "rotator" controller, which replaces the Navy key;

another option is to utilize the voice-activated interface. The active sliding mechanism can be used to

respond and discontinue calls and to reveal the hidden camera. Nokia 7280 presents a recent high resolution display with 65K colors

and 208x104 pixels. The phone is the only one from the three announced today with Bluetooth compatibility.

All three phones will be available 4th Quarter 2004.

Press release


Inspired by the glamour and elegance of the lavish 1920s, Nokia introduces a recent fashion collection of three mobile phones, launched today at the Totally Fashion event in Shanghai. Pushing the boundaries of traditional mobile phone design, the collection, which features the Nokia 7280, Nokia 7270 and Nokia 7260, blends recent world art deco styling with an edgy, modern day twist. Core style influences such as flow and movement, colour, geometry, detailing and graphics were the inspiration and creative energy behind the collection.

Nokia 7280: Lean, Sublime Lines

The sleek and sexy Nokia 7280 offers a completely recent mobile phone design, foregoing the traditional keypad for a discreet keyless dial. A fine lacquer-inspired high-gloss finish, complemented by leather and mirror accents, add sophistication and style making this device as much a work of art as an advanced piece of technology.

Perfect to whip out at cocktails, the Nokia 7280 is geared to attract attention and become the talking point at any high glamour soiree. Its Video Graphics Array (VGA) capturing camera can snap the latest and greatest while the active slide means calls can be answered or ended with a flick of a wrist.

The handset's chic strap and carrying pouch haged this hot accessory close at all times. Using the Nokia Collector, you can transfer your favourite photos, ringtones, wallpapers, music and videos from the Nokia 7280 to and from your Mac. For a fashionable handsfree experience, style mavens can plug in the Nokia Wireless Image Headset, also introduced today. Truly, the Nokia 7280 is the fantasy phone for the fashion-conscious.

Nokia 7270: Detailed Deco

The boldly stylish Nokia 7270 draws its design inspiration from the Garbo-esque glamour of the 1920s. Encased in an etched stainless steel housing, this frecent design accents your wardrobe with a matching textile wrap, carrying strap and pouch to reflect your personal style and mood.

Whether shopping in New York, Paris or Shanghai, a second thought is merely clicks away thanks to the Nokia 7270's Video Graphics Array (VGA) camera. Converting clothes or shoe sizes is a snap with the clever Converter application. Tune out in style with the Frequency Modulation (FM) radio and fashion headset or tap away on games like Chic Pinball.

Nokia 7260: Flamboyant Fashion

Materials, graphics and colour palette set the Nokia 7260 apart. Featuring chrome and steel accents, this Art-Deco-meets-Industrial-Design concept is certain to be a favourite of fashion-minded crowd. To stand out in a crowd, consumers can enhance the style of their Nokia 7260 with daring accessories, like stylish straps and carrying pouches.

Jetsetters can easily call home with the Nokia 7260's tri-band capabilities, or sdiscontinue celebrity sightings using the Video Graphics Array (VGA) camera. The Nokia 7260 allows users to step out in style every day.

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