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download - QWERTY From Siemens - SK65


Today Siemens Mobile announced the SK65 business phone - the first mobile phone to offer e-mail, calendar and corporate data access capabilities through the BlackBerry™ licensing program. The SK65's design provides an unique and innovative x2type keyboard (cross-to-type) full-sized QWERTY keyboard. Opened with a turned action, the full-sized 37-key keyboard is an essential part of the design enabling quick and easy e-mail composition, yet folding away discreetly when not in use.

The SK65 features 64Mega Bytes (MB) memory for managing large amounts of data, with up to 30Mega Bytes (MB) free, for storing personal information such as e-mails, ring tones and java applications. Additional features include: a large 132 x 176 pixel TFT classy screen with 64k colors, a fully featured address book with room of up to 2000 entries and recent Siemens Mobile Phone Manager Personal Computer (PC) software.

The SK65 has different variants to suit corporate business and small office/home office needs. The standard version will be available allowing manual transfer of e-mail messages from an e-mail account to the SK65. For mobile professionals of small and medium offices without a corporate e-mail infrastructure, the SK65 will be available with BlackBerry Web Client™ services. This allows the automatic transfer of POP3 or IMAP4 e-mails straight to the SK65. Finally, for company executives working with a corporate e-mail server inbox, the SK65 with BlackBerry Enterprise Server™ support allows e-mails and information from MS exchange/ Lotus Domino systems to be accessed behind corporate firewalls. This variant will be available with fully secure Triple DES encrypted instant e-mail access and calendar entry transfer whilst using the SK65 on the move.

Also unique to the standard variant of the SK65 is the recent Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) feature, which will be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2004 to the standard variant. PoC enables users to sdiscontinue a voice message to a number of recipients at the touch of a button, providing a convenient alternative to text-based messaging. It combines the flexibility of mobile messaging with the ease of utilize of voice, allowing users to set up meetings or create announcements to groups of contacts.

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