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The launch of the first integrated e-mail and SMS text messaging fully certified by Microsoft will assist businesses save time and money on both their phone bills and also on the management of field based personnel.

The recent software package, called OutlookSMS, allows users to sdiscontinue and receive mobile phone text messages directly from e-mail packages including Microsoft Outsee and Outsee Express.

In addition to integrated messaging, OutlookSMS also features a mobile phone location solution, which allows users to display the location of a handset to within 20m on a digital map on a Personal Computer (PC) within 30 seconds. The product however features comprehensive opt-in technology, which requires the mobile phone users to give permission to have their handset located.

“OutlookSMS is fully accredited by Microsoft and is powered by Cisco. It integrates seamlessly with most common e-mail packages currently used by businesses. This means sending a text from a Personal Computer (PC) will be as easy as sending an e-mail and it will create SMS a reliable business communications tool which will give users full traceability of message receipt and delivery, Jeremy Bygrave, Mediaburst Director, adds. Product developer Mediaburst is also an International Business Machine (IBM) Partnerworld partner.

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