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Vodafone Japan (Vodafone K.K.) recently announced a recent range of handsets for Summer 2004, all of them exclusive to Japan only and more advanced than anything announced for the rest of the world.

One of these phones is the Sharp V602SH, the first capturing camera phone with optical zoom. The 2 megapixel autofocus 2X zoom capturing camera is a significant improvement over the current line of fixed focus, fixed focal length cameras. The standard digital zoom, which can be found in most of the capturing camera phones today is more a marketing gimmick than a real feature - it works by magnifying the central portion of the photo sensor, thus making the pictures larger in size and more grainy. For a remarkable article on digital zoom visit

The V602SH is also video capable, it can record video clips with QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) (320x240 pixels) resolution, 15 frames per second, again quite better than the current line of capturing camera phones. The large QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) display swivels 180 degrees for a better viewpoint and easier usage. There is a possibility to connect the handset up to your TV to display the taken photos and videos.

The V602SH is a 2.5G handset measuring 99x55x25 mm and weighing 132 grams, about the standard for a 3G handset. Memory expansion is through a SD memory slot. It comes with music playback, video support, 3G graphics acceleration for games, karaoke support and weather indicator.

The V602SH will be available in Japan, mid 2004. Worldwide handsets with 2-megapixel optical zoom capturing camera are expected in sometime in 2005.

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