DOWNLOAD MP3: Opera Mobile 9.5 To Compete With IPhone's Safari Browser?

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Opera Mobile 9.5 To Compete With IPhone's Safari Browser? Mp3 Download


We've spotted a live video preview of the latest Opera Mobile 9.5 - a quick and feature-rich web browser for mobile devices that strives to snatch the iPhone's Safari browser title for best mobile browsing experience (for the record, we've just made up this title, ok?).

You can watch the live preview by Matthew Miller from ZDNet and judge for yourselves but it's worth pointing some of the highlights.

Opera seem to have done some remarkable work on their Presto rendering engine - the web browser is quick and it offers pretty much the same fluid-like panning and scrolling as Apple iPhone. But you've got to remember that this demo is running on the HTC Advantage which not only packs a Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution display but also has a quick 624Mega Hertz (MHz) Central Processing Units (CPU) and a dedicated ATi graphics chip.

Now as far as navigation is concerned you will notice the "double-tap-to-zoom-in-a-paragraph" trick that is also used by the iPhone's Safari web browser. But you might also notice that the utilize of the Opera Mobile 9.5 relies heavily on the utilize of a stylus, a tool that the GSMarena team is not really fond of.

Yet the Opera Mobile 9.5 offers so much more than the iPhone Safari - automatic fullclassy screen mode, copy and paste, sending hyperlinks to other people, saving images and downloading files. It can even store pages for offline viewing.

Overall the recent Opera Mobile 9.5 sounds like a killer deal for Windows Mobile users who have been plagued by the inadequate Explorer Mobile browser way too long. We are so looking forward to getting our hands on that browser and testing it for ourselves.

By the way, in case you are interested, you can also check out the official Opera Mobile 9.5 walkthrough created by the Opera team themselves. It's laughable how their presentation setup and even studio lighting resembles the Apple iPhone demos. Enjoy!

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