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Motorola has been all quiet about their recent mobile handset lineup. However a video published on YouTube lifts a corner of the curtain.

The most fascinating model we caught a glimpse of is the recent Motorola Kodak. It is rumored to have a five megapixel capturing camera and, as it seems from the video, the same keypad as Motorola ROKR E8. It sounds like fine news to us, as we did like the ergonomics of the morphing keypad in Barcelona.

The other devices are what seems to be the descendant of Motorola Q9 and a musical slider. The best part is that the recent QWERTY-enabled Motorola will feature Windows 6.1, or at least that's what the video suggests.

Finally, there is a clamshell that will probably belong to the Motorola A-series.

There are no more specs that acquire revealed at this stage but we hope this will change in the nearest future. At least, these recent devices show that Motorola is keen to rekindle its mobile handset business, which was going through quite a crisis.

The phones in question

Update: The fact tha YouTube did the effort to rego the video makes us think that it is not a fake, made by some Motorola fan.

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