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Siemens S65, M65 And C65 Announced Mp3 Download

download - Siemens S65, M65 And C65 Announced


Today Siemens officially announced the three phones, which pictures leaked days ago.

The S65 top model has 1.3 MegaPixel (MP) digital capturing camera and RS(reduced size) MMC card slot, with 32 Mega Bytes (MB) card included in the package.

The rugged M65 is equipped with specially protected Video Graphics Array (VGA) video and photo camera, as accessories an attachable flash and the innovative Bike-o-Meter are available.

The affordable Siemens C65 offers MMS, an integrated camera, a 65K color classy screen and an attachable flash.


Press releases

S65 - Style meets performance

Introducing the first Siemens mobile phone with an integrated 1.3 MegaPix video camera. This high-class handset sets recent standards in design and functionality for today's mobile market.

With the S65, Siemens enters a whole recent era of mobile excellence. With this powerful device it is really easy to sdiscontinue video messages in a convincing quality. A built-in 1.3 MegaPix video capturing camera records your life's greatest moments to MPEG4 format. You can store plenty of such clips onto the exchangeable 32 Mega Bytes (MB) MultiMediaCard. And from there share them with your friends or transfer them to your computer. Of course this state-of-the art capturing camera also allows for still digital imaging.

The Siemens S65's massive display lets you see the world with different eyes. With those of a 132 x 176 pixel 65 k TFT display. And what you can see on this majestic classy screen is as impressive as it is clear: A complete package of business tools that allow you hold your business with you wherever you are. Bluetooth technology lets you go around freely through wireless networks and extensive synchronization tools let you stay updated with your PC's applications.

Almost needless to mention that this sophisticated mobile features triband functionality to let you stay connected to merely any mobile network on earth.

The S65 comes in a premium silver finish and is poised to become Siemens' next design classic.


M65 - Outdoor action!

The M65 is a striking outdoor Triband Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) handset, packed with full multimedia features for optimum performance. Designed for consumers with an active outdoor lifestyle, the M65 offers an integrated Video Graphics Array (VGA) video and photo camera, a large high-resolution color display as well as full MMS functionality. With improved resistance to water splashes, shock and dust this is the perfect mobile companion for recording exciting outdoor experiences no matter how rocky your life is.

A wide of range of exciting games and multimedia features are packed into a solid and robust design of metal and rubber: the orange rubber protects both the lens of the video and photo capturing camera as well as the housing of the phone against water splashes and dust. The metal protection frame and rubber bumper absorbs shocks whether on bumpy crossroads or rocky mountains helping you fight the elements and also protects the display from scratches and breaking. Combining a robust mobile holder and advanced cyclometer with additional tour-management functions and navigational elements, the optional Bike-o-Meter is the perfect M65 bike companion. Simply mounted in direct view on the bike’s handlebar, it displays not only information on standard cyclometer functions but it gives you the option to record recent tours on the go or to follow predefined trips that are indicated on the phone’s display.

With the integrated and specially protected Video Graphics Array (VGA) video and photo capturing camera it is simple to capture your adventures and share them with your friends at the click of a button, and with the photo editor function you can even add special lighting effects to create your adventures see even more daring. Non-stop entertainment is guaranteed with the attachable flash for taking pictures even in low-light conditions, so that experiences can be captured around the clock.

Outdoor related themes for personalization and special polyphonic ring tones give the personal and creative edge to your M65. Sport, racing and action games give this phone a very high entertaining factor. The progressive and classy style of the handset combined with high quality multimedia features makes it the perfect match for people who love to be outdoors and to share their exciting moments of their life with friends instantly.

The M65 comes with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories. Besides the innovative Bike-o-Meter it includes an attachable flash with red eye reduction, a variety of in-car solutions like the flexible “plug&play” Car Kit Easy with an exchangeable mobile holder or the high quality Car Kit Comfort as well as various headsets, chargers and data cables, an extra battery and practical carrying cases.


C65 - The solid MMS-allrounder!

The C65 is a recent mobile that offers MMS, an integrated camera, a 65,536 color classy screen and an attachable flash. Combining innovative applications such as Photopet, the download assistant and extended personalization features, the C65 is a reliable and fun companion.

The C65 is the ideal choice for all your essential communication needs, allowing you to like technology and utilize it to share emotions and experiences with friends. This compact mobile phone is all about convenience, simplicity and straightforward navigation, yet comes with a remarkable quality high-resolution 65,536 color screen. The integrated capturing camera lets you spontaneously hold pictures of your friends and family and sdiscontinue them quickly via MMS. Siemens C65 also comes with an attachable flash, which means you can capture moments 24 hours a day, no matter where you are.

Photopet – a virtual pet on your mobile phone, is the latest game innovation offered on the C65. Feeding your virtual pet colorful photos is among the activities you have to do to haged it alive! The C65 comes with a download assistant to support you with the download of ring tones, logos, games and much more. This animated companion even offers advice when selecting recent screensavers and polyphonic ring tones from

Available in Blue Shadow, the C65 is triband and comes with Java, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and WAP. The phone includes a comprehensive organizer and address book, calendar and world clock to assist manage busy social lives. Up to 410 hours of standby time and 300 minutes talk time ensure you can haged on chatting.

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