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.com Turns 11 Today, Happy Birthday! Mp3 Download

download - .com Turns 11 Today, Happy Birthday!


This is something, isn't it? Your beloved website turns 11 today. It's a gigantic boy now and it's our honor to be part of the process and watch it grow and mature day after day.

Looking over our shoulders, back to the year 2000, we can think of many vital things that happened, things that geeks like us remember.

Here are some of the things that happened back in 2000:

  • We dealt with the Y2K problem, no problem at all;

  • We were first introduced to Pentium 4 CPUs;

  • We used them to play Diablo II and Quake III: Team Arena, which were just launched;

  • Typical HDDs around that time were about 1GB, but we saw the first SD cards appear;

  • The legendary Nokia 3310 launched and it brought Snake II along;

  • Windows Mobile made its first appearance as Pocket Personal Computer (PC) 2000;

  • Ericsson R380 was the first device to be marketed as "smartphone". It ran EPOC, which would become Symbian the following year;

  • There were no 3G networks back then;

  • The iPod and Mac Operating System (OS) X didn't exist yet;

  • We remember seeing Snatch, Gladiator and Scary Movie in the theaters;

  • Sean Combs was still called Puff Daddy;

  • And yes, was born, but you krecent that already.

Now how about that? It turned out a very exciting, memorable list. All that reminiscing made us feel old. But young or old, we haven't lost our edge and we see towards updating our site with cool recent features in the year ahead. We're cooking up some gigantic changes that you wouldn't like to miss.

So excited birthday to you, GSMArena! And we're glad to have you around guys, you create it all worthwhile! Stick around!

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