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Motorola RIZR Z6 Announced Mp3 Download

download - Motorola RIZR Z6 Announced


At CES 2007 Las Vegas Motorola joined the gang and presented the successor of the popular RIZR Z3 - the MOTORIZR Z6. The recent slider is part of the recent MOTOMUSIC platform and comes along with the updated EDGE version of the Motorola MING A1200 model. It seems that Motorola would haged their marketing strategy of producing slightly updated version to their existing handsets instead of making entirely recent mobiles from scratch. The prospects of a recent group of music-oriented devices sounds exciting since this is the current trdiscontinue on the market and Motorola didn't have such mobiles up until now.

The Motorola RIZR Z6 will run on a recent Linux-Java-based user interface and promises enhanced music experience featuring connectivity with Windows Media Player 11 and supporting Janus DRM. It will have the same design as its predecessor RIZR Z3 with almost the same size but it will weigh 10 g less. The recent RIZR Z6 will have an improved display - this time with QVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, but it will retain the 2 megapixel capturing camera of the predecessor. We hope that there would be some improvement in the capturing camera quality department too since the RIZR Z3 deserved some criticism along that line of functionality. The MOTORIZR Z6 is expected to be available in the first half of 2007.

Motorola RIZR Z6

The Motorola MING A1200 EDGE is an updated version of the exciting Motorola A1200 smartphone based on Linux OS, this time equipped with EDGE for high speed data transfers. The Motorola MING A1200 with EDGE would also be a part of the MOTOMUSIC platform allowing for enhanced music capabilities and computer synchronization.

Motorola MING A1200 with EDGE

The Motorola MING A1200 with EDGE is expected to be available in 1Q 2007.

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