DOWNLOAD MP3: HTC Goes All In With 7 Surround, HD7, 7 Trophy, And 7 Mozart

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HTC Goes All In With 7 Surround, HD7, 7 Trophy, And 7 Mozart Mp3 Download

download - HTC Goes All In With 7 Surround, HD7, 7 Trophy, And 7 Mozart


HTC was the biggest player in the Windows Mobile game and they plan on staying at top in the age of Windows Phone too. The Taiwanese company announced no less than 4 WP7 devices today, all of which will be available in time for the holiday season.


Probably the most fascinating of the bunch is the HTC HD7, which leaked earlier today. Coming with a 4.3" WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) classy screen and a 1Giga Hertz (GHz) CPU, it's basically an HD2 with a different OS. The rest of its key features include a 5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording, 16GB of internal storage and a kickstand on the back.


The available Random-Access Memory (RAM) stands at the very impressive 576 MB, while the connectivity options include anything from Bluetooth to Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) 820.11 n. Even the hefty weight of 162 grams can't turn us off the HTC HD7.

The HTC HD7 will be available thought T-Mobile in the US, while in Europe O2 and Movistar should acquire it. SingTel should be the first Asian carrier to acquire the phone.

HTC 7 Surround

Moving on to the HTC 7 Surround, we see a funky sliding out speaker and another 5 MegaPixel (MP) shooter, capable of doing 720 video. Come to think of it, the only thing that sets the HTC 7 Surround apart from the HD7 is the smaller (but definitely not small) 3.8" display. Not that we could have expected remarkable variation given the insanely high minimum requirements of WP7.

HTC 7 Surround

The HTC 7 Surround will come to AT&T in the US for 200 bucks on a contract, while Telus will distribute it in Canada at an yet unspecified price. No word on European availability yet.

HTC 7 Mozart

The HTC 7 Mozart comes with the best snapper of the WP7 gang. It is able to capture 8 megapixel stills, HD video and has a xenon flash to assist its low-light capabilities. The 7 Mozart also packs an exquisite aluminum unibody, which will potentially attract a lot of customers.

HTC 7 Mozart

A 3.7" WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) classy screen and a slim 11.9mm waistline are the other key features of the 7 Mozart. Its internal storage is limited to 8GB, though.

The HTC 7 Mozart will hit Europe though Orange and Deutsche Telecom, while Telestra should offer it down under.

HTC 7 Trophy

The final HTC announcement for today is the 7 Trophy. It should be the most affordable of the bunch, though the Taiwanese company hasn't revealed any details just yet. Its WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touchclassy screen measures 3.8", while its capturing camera does 720p videos and 5 megapixel stills.

HTC 7 Trophy

The HTC 7 Trophy will arrive to SFR and Vodafone in Europe and Australia.

HTC also has plans of releasing a fifth WP7 phone - the hardware QWERTY-rocking HTC 7 Pro. Unfortunately that will only come in CDirect Memory Access (DMA) flavor and won't see daylight until next year.

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