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.com Turns 10 Today, Happy Birthday! Mp3 Download

download - .com Turns 10 Today, Happy Birthday!


Every once in a while, we acquire to sing the Happy birthday song to our beloved website. But it's not every year that it gets an anniversary like this - ten years may not sound like a lot, but it feels like ages.

Update, 16 June: Wow, we never thought we'd acquire such an amazingly active response from you. The comments on this news article definitely beat up all previous records - including the recent announcement of iPhone 4G. Thanks for all congratulations, you're all very kind.

Perhaps you wouldn't mind if we hold you back to the first days of our website (snatched off the WayBack Machine). Perhaps many of you weren't following us back then but we bet there will be some of you that remember that layout. back in early 2000's: home page, phones list

It kinda feels embarrassing showing these to people - but in a nice way. It's just like your grandmother is showing your naked baby boy photos to your guests at a garden party, if you know what we mean.

Mobile phones evolution has been as rapid as that of computers. We sure have our hitale with them.

Back when we started phone specifications were nothing like today's. Seeing the top dogs of those days sure starts a warm tingle in our heart. I bet you remember those phones just as well. back in early 2000's: phone specs

Anyway, we've evolved a lot in these ten years, much like mobile phones themselves. Back in the day, we didn't have any reviews and our so-called news section dealt only with announcements of recent models.

Today, we're different. And a lot of that we owe to you. Becautilize we listen and we always try harder than before. We hope you'd stick around to see where we'll be in another ten years. We'll have a fine laugh at today's layout - that's for sure.

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