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Siemens today announced 5 recent cell phones for CeBIT, most of them with excellent features. However, Siemens hardly surprises anybody with the release as detailed information leaked on the Internet several days ago.

The most advanced one, Siemens SXG75, is a complete communications device with GPS navigation, UMTS and music functionalities; Siemens M75 is

designed for consumers with an active outdoor lifestyle and offers the

latest in entertainment convenience; Siemens CX75 is a stylish phone that shows off multimedia to its best advantage; Siemens CF75, an EDGE clamshell, is a pure style mobile phone at a superlative price/performance ratio; Siemens CL75 is a clamshell phone that offers multimedia functionality for the fashion-conscious woman.

With the SXG75, Siemens Communications unveils its first mobile phone

specifically designed to hold advantage of the recent UMTS networks, it is equipped with a built-in GPS module with A-GPS option. Its 2 megapixel digital camera, a second CIF capturing camera for video telephony and a high-resolution color display, ensures images of perfect clarity are guaranteed. A Frequency Modulation (FM) radio

receiver with RDS service and MP3 player, plus a fully-fledged organizer

with Bluetooth for wireless data exchange will meet the specific demand of users. Along with an e-mail client, Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and a quick XHyperText Markup Language (HTML) web browser, Instant Messaging and Push and Talk are also supported. The optional "Mobile Music Set" accessory even transforms the phone into a portable stereo system.

With the integrated GPS module and mobile offboard navigation solutions from Siemens VDO Automotive, getting lost is almost impossible as whether GPS navigation is interrupted or lost, A-GPS provides the

positioning data to continue the navigation. The SXG75 also supports location-based services such as

restaurant tips, special offers or major tourist sights. Other practical

applications include the built-in translation assist for English, French,

German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages, as well as a photo editor

and a program for creating panoramic pictures.

The large 262,000 color TFT display (2,2 inches) with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels can be used to view movies and video clips in high quality - or even

directly from the Internet via video streaming. Siemens also offers battery powered active speakers as an accessory, allowing a further interface for even more music sources such as PC, MiniDisc or CD.

The Bluetooth technology allows for appointments, tasks, contacts and notes to be synchronized with MS-Outsee running the Mobile Phone Manager application on a PC. There is 128 Mega Bytes (MB) internal phone memory (64 Mega Bytes (MB) for free use) while a slot for reduced-sized multimedia cards offers additional memory capacity.

Weighing 134 grams and measuring 111.5 x 53 x 20 mm, the design

of this slim UMTS phone features light colors and clean-slit angular forms.

In addition to the "Mobile Music Set IMS-700", there are also further

original Siemens accessories for the SXG75. They include a selection of

headsets such as Bluetooth Headsets, a Stereo Headset or an elaborately

designed Headset Purestyle as well as a number of high quality hands-free

Bluetooth solutions for in-car use. An attachable Flash for the integrated camera, a choice of chargers, a data cable and a practical case complete the portfolio.

Offered in the "metallic white" color, the SXG75 is priced locally and is

available from September 2005.

Designed for consumers with an active outdoor lifestyle, the recent M75 from

Siemens also offers the latest in entertainment convenience. Thanks to the unique Siemens Protection System, it can easily withstand dust, splashes and shocks. With its rugged metal frame and protective rubber sides, this phone shrugs off everything the elements can throw at it and still only weighs just 110 grams. Especially the display is protected by the metal frame from scratches and breaking. The phone comes with an integrated 1.3 megapixel digital capturing camera with a detachable rubber seals, MP3 player, and an optional portable Mobile Music Set. These active loudspeakers allow sharing music with others in high sound quality.

The excellent display renders photos and videos in 262,000 colors. Sending short greetings on the go is also quick and easy with multimedia messaging (MMS) or email. The entertainment is ensured of the exciting 3D mobile games - on your own or play against other players via a wireless Bluetooth connection while the Mobile Music Set is the perfect supplement for the MP3 player.

The M75 is bundled with a 32 megabyte multimedia card and stereo headphones. Òhere is also a wide range of further original Siemens accessories available such as an attachable flash, a choice of in-car hands-free solutions, a variety of headsets as well as divers chargers, data cables and phone cases.

The M75 will be on sale from June 2005 in the colors "volcano black" and

"safari green".

Siemens CX75 shows off multimedia to its best advantage. Beneath the metallic casing lies a 1.3 megapixel digital capturing camera with video functionality. The phone feature Push and Talk, Bluetooth, MMS and SMS.

For entertainment on the move, the large TFT display with 262,000 colors and

a resolution of 132 x 176 pixels is ideal for viewing photos and short video

clips or playing exciting 3D games.

The Bluetooth interface even supports exciting multiplayer games. For busy

people, the integrated organizer is ideal for keeping track of all kinds of

appointments. The calendar, address book and task list can be synchronized

quickly and easily with MS-Outsee and Lotus Notes via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) data cable or

via a wireless Bluetooth or infrared interface.

A large number of practical and entertaining applications such as a photo

editor are installed, along with further games, logos, music tracks and

ringtones. It is also possible to listen to music in the MP3 and AAC(+)

formats with this recent triband phone via the Stereo Headset HHS-700. To store

all the data, the CX75 has a built-in slot for multimedia cards.

A wide variety of original accessories for the CX75 includes: Wireless Bluetooth solutions such as the recent hands-free "Car Kit Bluetooth Portable HKW-700", "Headset Bluetooth HHB-600" and "Mobile Music Set IMS-700".

The CX75 is priced in the mid-range and will be available from June 2005 in

the colors "titanium grey" (grey metallic) and "sand silver" (silvery


Siemens CF75 is a phone with a harmonious design that makes this clamshell mobile a gadacquire for those who know their style, and who see for a superlative

price/performance ratio. Alongside a large

color display and a Video Graphics Array (VGA) digital capturing camera with flash attachment, the CF75

provides MMS, e-mail, Push and Talk and mobile games.

Compact and lightweight, the successor to the CF62 has a small color display on the front of the case and a large high-resolution display with support for 65,000 colors.

Curious feature is the 3D Phone pilot (virtual assistant) that reminds you of all your vital dates. The CF75 is a breeze to use. Simply navigate through the clearly structured menus using the 5-way rocker button or hold advantage of the many shortslit keys to directly access frequently used functions.

Beside the attachable "Flash IFL-600"a wide range of Siemens Original

Accessories is available for theCF75 such as the "Textile Case FCT-600"

which keeps the mobile safe as well as a variety of headsets to haged the

hands free. For the utilize in the car the "Car Kit Portable HKP-500" is the

ideal solution.

The CF75 will be available from July 2005 starting with the color ocean


With the CL75, Siemens Communications presents the ultimate mobile phone for the fashion-conscious woman. This chic clamshell-style phone

combines feminine elegance with a broad range of modern multimedia

functions. It features Push and Talk (PaT), Instant Messaging, MMS and GPRS. The interior display comes in handy as a pocket travel mirror. At only 87 x 44 x 23 mm and weighing a mere 90 grams, this phone can easily fit in any handbag. There is also a Video Graphics Array (VGA) digital video capturing camera with 4x

zoom. Pictures and clips are

then rendered on the large internal display (262,000 colors, 128 x

160 pixels). An 11 Mega Bytes (MB) memory is available for storing photos, video clips,

text messages, addresses and appointments.

The range of original Siemens accessories includes various chargers and data

cables, a leather case as well as replacement batteries and headsets, an

attachable "Flash IFL-600" and "Car Kit Portable HKP-500".

The CL75 is priced in the mid-range price segment and will be available from

second quarter 2005 initially in the color variant "Silk Flower red" as well

as in one other color/motif combination. Two further fashionable design

variants as well as a limited special edition are planned.

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