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There's quite some murmur going about town about the so-called HTC Dragon. Someone did manage to acquire their hands on a prime suspect - an unknown HTC phone running Android. What's clear from the spy shots is that the device is a Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) phone with 3G connectivity. The back shows a capturing camera with an Light Emitting Diode (LED) flash and a Google logo, which recommends this is a "Google experience" phone.

There's quite some murmur going about the so-called HTC Dragon. So far, all we know is that it will be some kind of Android super phone powered by a Snapdragon Central Processing Units (CPU) (notice the dragon-ish naming scheme). The display of this beast is a capacitive touchclassy screen with WVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution.

Or so the rumors go anyway. A user named Reignzone from got hrecent of a build of Android intended to run on the HTC Dragon and coaxed out some information. He also goes on to say it's based on v2.0 of Android (a.k.a. Eclair) and provides some screenshots of the interface - it's Sense UI through and through.

Alleged screenshots of the HTC Dragon interface

Read this with a grain of salt, as there are inconsistencies - the screenshots report the version as 1.5 and as the more vigilant among you will spot - the screenshots have a lower, HVideo Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, though this is becautilize the Read-Only Memory (ROM) wasn't running on an actual Dragon, which remains elusive so far.

Notice the firmware version and the aspect ratio

And this is the first time anyone has got a hrecent of one - or at least of an HTC smartphone with a name that's still unknown.

Could this be the HTC Dragon? And if so, is it based on HD2 hardware or not?

It's possible (or just wishful thinking) that the HTC Dragon (surely a codename) is going to be an Android version of the HTC HD2. The small we know so far (if it's even correct), matches up with the HD2. There are obvious discrepancies between the two - Android-specific keys and a trackball, in place of the Windows-specific keys.

Come to think of it, it's not impossible - just see at the Acer Liquid and neoTouch. It's the exact same deal - similar hardware running Android in one instance (Liquid) and Windows Mobile in the other (neoTouch). HTC could be doing the same with the HD2 and the Dragon.

Things to haged an eye on - Reignzone says that the HTC Dragon is "dubbed Zoom 2", and in the screenshots there's a link to, which doesn't work yet however.


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